Fall Staycation At ­Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna ­Vaasa


Staycation perk – getting to explore your own hometown as a tourist

Feeling uninspired, wanting to go away somewhere? Perhaps you’re longing for a cozy hotel weekend somewhere nice, but don’t really have the time nor money to go to any of the big cities with nice hotels..? My solution: do a staycation in your own hometown! Not only does it save on nature, but it also saves on your wallet (no flight or train costs!)… Ca-ching!

Why doing a staycation is such a good idea

  • It saves you money
  • It is good for the environment (no flight emissions!)
  • It is a whole lotta less stressful than going somewhere
  • You get to see your hometown with new eyes

Read more in Hananaa´s blog about her stayvcation in our hotel!